After Oberlin

We have compiled some resources to help you make the transition from school to life after Oberlin.

Zoom Room

Have an interview? Want to make a video? Need a quiet, professional place to film? We have a quiet room in Severance with a conference table, couch, coffee table, and credenza you can use during regular business hours. Bring your own equipment. Contact Sally Moffitt ( to schedule.

Sample Portfolios

This page will take you to the Senior Portfolios of recent graduates. Notice that without even reading them, they tell very different stories about their creators. It’s not hard to see who is looking for work as a community organizer, who as a research tech, and who in computer science.

Sample Resumes & Cover Letters

CNN article: How to land the job of your dreams

This is a piece Professor Darling wrote for CNN on how to use effective storytelling and a portfolio to help you find a job.

Using LinkedIn to make your job search more effective

Interested in Graduate School?

Professors Thibodeau and Wu put together a terrific handout for their session on graduate school in Psychology.

Elaine Zhou (Oberlin ’18) put together a comprehensive guide to applying to Clinical/Counseling programs. Great to see an applicant’s perspective!

Professors Allen & Thibodeau discuss graduate school and the application process.